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We are inventors and engineers of products which we believe will make life easier for our customers. Our real aim is simply that, creating quality well made products to help our customers reduce stress in their lives and possible save money..

Taplock was designed as a response to children turning on taps and wasting water, messing their clothes and getting wet and cold. This caused my wife and myself a lot of headache, so one evening we decided to make a device to prevent it happening and Taplock was created.

Our product was designed in Ireland and is made in Co. Longford, Ireland. Our office is located in Roscommon Town, Ireland. We are 100% Irish.

We have found that it has proven a success in mobile-home and caravan parks where you have your own water station. This is of course charged for and with Taplock clients of the parks are sure no one is using their tap.

This also applies to the UK where water charges are around £415.00, customers here also have the added bonus of saving money and water.

Gardeners are also very well aware of how important it is to save water and certainly not waste it. As our gardener, Gary Kelly said, when you lock it up it reinforces the subconscious brain that this is an important resource and should be treated with respect. Gary now fits a Taplock in every customer he visits.

We are proud of the many factories and farmers, Gardeners and Garages, Homes and Holiday homes where Taplock is used.

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